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Glory to Come - A Framework for Understanding Future Things
by Michal Gowens
Today's believer has lost something precious and its recovery is of paramount importance. Pastor and author Michael Gowens writes: "The modern Christian...has lost the pilgrim perspective that was so characteristic of the early church." The loss of this heavenly focus has resulted in a spirit of pessimism, cynicism, and hopelessness. "Into the darkness of postmodern despair," says Gowens, "the glorious gospel must once again shine with the triumphant message, "Behold, He cometh!" Glory to Come will fill your heart with anticipation and renew your perspective on the present as you contemplate the future.
$10 plus $2.00 S&H
    A Mother's Faith - How One Family Faced a Critical Illness
by Dolph Painter
In May of 1995, Melanie Painter, mother of three small boys, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Researching the treatment options, she discovered that she was also expecting a fourth son. Though she was encouraged to terminate her pregnancy for her own health, this remarkable woman and her husband stood by their convictions. By faith, they faced extreme adversity with a calm and quiet assurance. This inspirational story of Melanie's last days demonstrates the sufficiency of God's grace in every trial.
    Joyful Noises - Scripture Songs for Children
by Lexington Primitive Baptist Church

(A 48’ Audio Cassette of Scripture Songs Narrated by Michael Gowens with accompanying Song Book with Original Artwork by Carolyn Hisel)
Cassette and Book $10.00
    Parent's Guide to Family Devotions
by Michael Gowens
Spiral Bound Booklet $10.00
    Bible Doctrinal Drill
by Zack Guess
Bound Booklet $10.00
    Be Ready to Answer - Equipping Christians in the Defense of the Faith
by Michael Gowens
This 389 page hardbound book is a Christian apologetic for the rank and file believer. It gives historical facts and biblical evidences to validate the Christian faith in the face of modern skepticism and false teaching. Subjects addressed include: The Historical Accuracy of the Bible, Proofs for the Existence of God, The Creation/Evolution Debate, The Deity of Christ, Proofs of the Bodily Resurrection of Christ, The Sanctity of Life, The New Age Movement, A Christian Response to Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormonism, as well as an entire section devoted to the Doctrine of Grace.
$16.95 (New Reduced Price!)
    Repentance in the Pulpit and the Pew
by Michael N. Ivey
Elder Ivey issues a clarion call for the recovery of the doctrine of repentance, both in terms of pulpit emphasis and personal practice. Without a penitent and converted ministry modeling an authentic Christianity in their own lives, the spiritual malaise within the church will continue, for the pew will seldom rise higher than the pulpit. Very few professing Christians, Ivey contends, understands, let alone practices Biblical repentance. A truly prophetic word for our times!
Hardbound $12.00
    Welsh Succession of Primitive Baptists
by Michael N. Ivey
Most Primitive Baptist histories trace the theological and practical succession through the London Confession of 1689. Ivey presents an eye-opening alternative as he documents a link to the Baptists in Wales through the Midland Confession of 1655. This scholarly work, the product of two years of extensive research, is well documented and easy to read.
Hardbound - $17.00
    Born Again: The Doctrine of Effectual Calling
by Michael Gowens
A 24 page theological essay on the immediacy of regeneration and the purpose of the gospel.
Paperback $3.00
    Systematic Theology
by R. V. Sarrels
The premier and most comprehensive theological work among Primitive Baptists in the twentieth century. A must for every serious student of the word of God.
Hardbound $17.00
    The Seven Churches of Asia
by Michael Gowens
Expository Essays
Booklet - $5.00 
    Bible Reading Plan
by Michael L. Gowens
A lectionary for reading through the Bible in ten months
Spiral Bound $2.00
    James: The Battle For the Tongue
by Joseph R. Holder
A very practical exposition of the general epistle of James with special emphasis on the importance of edifying speech. Challenging!
Hardbound - $17.00 
    From Sonship to Discipleship
by E. D. McCutcheon
A very helpful look at the relationship between the believer’s position in Christ and his practice. Elder McCutcheon distinguishes between relationship and fellowship, the gift of eternal life and the act of living the Christian life, and demonstrates the importance of consistency in Biblical interpretation.
Hardbound - $12.00
    The Savior of the World: An Exposition of John 3:16-17
by Bernard Gowens
Does John 3:16 suggest that the extent of the atonement is general? How can one believe in particular redemption and this important passage simultaneously? In his answer, Elder Gowens develops the argument for definite atonement by discussing the two resurrections and two deaths of Revelation 20, then proceeds to a helpful analysis of this well-known and beloved verse.
Spiral bound - $10.00 
    Psalms in Reflection
by Len Dalton
An excellent writer, the late Elder Dalton sketches the major themes of Psalms. A very helpful work both for personal devotion and Bible study.
Hardbound - $8.00 
    The Gospel of the Grace of God (Sermons)
by Len Dalton
Paperback - $5.00
    Six Things to Remember in the Time of Crisis
by Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
A very helpful booklet for those who are passing through a season of difficulty
Booklet - $3.00
    Under the Filipino Sun
by Elders L. Jeff Harris and Gus Harter
Journals from the second visit
Hardbound - $12.00  
    Under the Shadow of the Almighty
by Elders L. Jeff Harris, Gus Harter, Fred Boen, and W. R. Daniels, Jr. Journals from the third visit
Hardbound - $12.00 
    Christian Sanctification: A Theology of Ethical Renewal
by Michael Gowens
Is the doctrine of grace a license to sin? In this book the author begins with the premise that grace, when properly understood, is a powerful incentive to a holy life and deterrent to sin. This is a treatment of the Christian life in terms of human responsibility with the promise of the Holy Spirit’s assistance. The author distinguishes between the positional and the practical dimensions of Sanctification.
Spiral Bound - $10.00 
    The Revival of the Church:
by Michael Gowens
What is revival? Is there hope for revival? Do you have a heart for revival? The author answers these basic questions in this fifty-six page study. A chapter is also included on the theme of personal revival.
Spiral Bound - $8.00 
    This is Our God
by Michael Gowens
In this study of the character of God, Elder Gowens examines such themes as God’s Sovereignty, Holiness, Faithfulness, Grace, Glory, and many others. A more thorough Biblical understanding of God’s nature promotes greater peace, joy, confidence, and reverent worship in the life of the believer.
Spiral Bound - $8.00 
    Passionate Christianity
by Michael Gowens
In this study of the early church in Acts, the author highlights the passion and enthusiasm of the primitive Christians, an ardor springing from their awareness that Jesus Christ was indeed alive and active in their midst. The challenge facing contemporary believers is to model early church life, both in terms of its content and its passion.
Spiral Bound - $8.00 
    The Sermon on the Mount
by Michael Gowens
Expository Essays by Michael Gowens
Spiral Bound - $8.00 
    The Epistle to the Hebrews
by Michael Gowens
Expository Essays by Michael Gowens
Spiral Bound - $8.00

Things Can Be Better Today
by Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
Adapted from Sermons by Elder Bradley:Things Can Be Better Today; Positive Change; I Delight to Do Thy Will; Our Duty to Forgive; Ten Thousand Talents Owed

Paperback - $3.00  

    The Impeccability of Christ Jesus
by Bernard Gowens
A thoroughly Biblical Christology concerning the sinlessness of Christ's person.
Booklet - $2.50 
    Eternity in Time
by Joseph Holder
A stimulating study of the relationship of time to eternity and eternity to time by one of today's premier theologians among PB's
Booklet - $4.00
    The New Birth
by Joseph Holder
A thorough and accurate treatment of this important doctrine
Booklet - $4.00 
    The Form and Order of Public Worship
by Joseph Holder
An apologetic for simplicity in the function of the local church
Booklet - $4.00 
    Most Surely Believed
by Joseph Holder
A crystallization of essential theological convictions among Primitive Baptists
Booklet - $4.00