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 Welcome to Sovereign Grace Today

    We now have sermons available from January. Please be sure to visit: The Centrality of Christ, and "Rediscovering Worship".
    "The Centrality of Christ"
by Elder Michael Gowens

  Jan 4, 1999

"Christ is Precious"
Jan 5, 1999 "We Preach Christ Crucified" 
Jan 6, 1999 "Christ our All in All"
Jan 7, 1999 "Christianity is Christ"
Jan 8, 1999 "Lord of All"
    "Rediscovering Worship"
by Elder Michael Gowens

  Jan 11, 1999

"Created to Worship"
Jan 12, 1999 "Reverent Joy: The Spirit of True Worship" 
Jan 13, 1999 "The God we Worship"
Jan 14, 1999 "The God we Worship (Part 2)"
Jan 15, 1999 "How to Prepare for Public Worship"
    "Providence of God"
by Elder Michael Gowens (29:39)
    "The Chain of Sovereign Grace"
by Elder Michael Gowens (33:46)