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Special "Parenting Package"
Biblical principles and instructions for rearing a God fearing and honoring family

Purchase the Entire Package for $50.00 (a savings of $3.00)

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  Biblical Child Training
8 Sermons Preached at Lexington Primitive Baptist Church in 1996
Complete in Vinyl Album $23.00

1. The Parent’s Job Description, Psalms 127
2. The "How To’s" of Child Training
3. Training Your Child To Be Wise
4. Proverbs: God’s Parenting Manual
5. Proverbs: God’s Parenting Manual (Part 2)
6. Drama of a Reconciliation, Luke 15
7. The High Calling of Home Maker (Pro. 14:1)
8. Family Worship (Joshua 24:15)

Joyful Noises - Scripture Songs for Children
by Lexington Primitive Baptist Church
Cassette and Book $10.00

(A 48’ Audio Cassette of Scripture Songs Narrated by Michael Gowens with accompanying Song Book with Original Artwork by Carolyn Hisel)

Parent’s Guide to Family Devotions
by Michael Gowens
Spiral Bound Booklet $10.00

Bible Doctrinal Drill
by Zack Guess
Bound Booklet $10.00

Teaching Basic Bible Facts as well as the Doctrine of Grace